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First Panettone Store Opens in Montreal

A First Panettone Dedicated Store

Viva panettone opens its first dedicated panettone boutique at 6422 boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montreal. At this Little Italy address, Viva will be offering its full 2023 holiday collection, including 7 different panettones and other related products, such as chocolate-dipped panettone bites, pistachio creminos and homemade spreads.  Gourmets will be delighted: they can even buy panettone slices, plain or garnished.

This store is complementary to our workshop at 8248 rue du Creusot, so you can find our panettones and meet our team at both locations.

Canadian Panettone to Face The Italians: Viva Panettone at the World Cup Final

MONTREAL, Novembre 13, 2023, Viva panettone is honored to announce that its traditional panettone has won the North American elimination finals in New York. Viva has been selected as one of 30 international finalists who will present their panettone at the Panettone World Cup to be held in November 2024 in Milan, Italy.

This is the 2nd time Viva has been chosen to take part in this prestigious competition. This time, the selection process was even more challenging.

We went through a whole range of emotions when the judges tasted the panettone blind. In the United States, Italian gastronomy is very, very popular, and there are a lot of good artisans who make excellent panettone,” explains Anthony Daniele, artisan, co-founder of Viva panettone and a Frenchman of Italian descent living in Quebec.

The fact that our panettone has been nominated as one of the two finalists is heartwarming, and confirms the mission we set ourselves when we founded Viva panettone: to give Canadians access to fresh, high-quality hand-made panettone tailored to the tastes of Canadian consumers,” explains Éric Goeury, artisan, co-founder of Viva panettone and, among other titles, Quebec maple culinary ambassador.

Viva panettone follows the Italian tradition. “It’s a high panettone, the crumb is soft, delicate and the flavors are impeccable” adds Anthony. “If we succeed in making a world-class panettone, it’s undoubtedly due to the daily care that we provide all year round to our sourdough. When the holiday season arrives, our sourdough is in Olympic condition. It’s what gives the panettone its texture, preservation and allows all the flavors to develop” says Éric.

About the Panettone World Cup

Brainchild of pastry chef Giuseppe Piffaretti, this biennial competition is dedicated to bakery and patisserie professionals from all over the world, who have passed a regional pre-selection process. For three days, the world’s best pastry chefs come together to share their love of panettone and earn the title of rè del panettone.

Each participant must present the jury with six traditional Milanese-style panettones, weighing between 970 g and 1030 g each. Only the following ingredients are allowed: wheat flour, butter, egg yolk, sugar, raisins, candied citrus fruits, honey, vanilla. Dry yeast and other finished products are prohibited. The next Coppa Del Mondo del Panettone will be held in Milan in November 2024.

About Viva panettone

Viva panettone is a Montreal-based company specializing in artisanal panettone. Its artisans, Éric Goeury and Anthony Daniele, are committed to offering their customers a high-quality panettone, made with the finest possible ingredients and with flavors that are renewed with the seasons. Viva panettones are 100% natural and carefully handcrafted with Olympic-shaped sourdough, ensuring a long shelf life of several months. Viva has won numerous awards in recent years, including the 2023 Estim Price for Best Start Up Company.

Visit or one of the company’s two boutiques to buy or offer a panettone. Delivery within Canada is included in the price. Bon appétit!

Mother’s Day – Special! ✨

It’s TIME to offer your mom a unique experience with our delicious panettones.

Introduce her to exquisite flavors with Le Citron c’est bon (Lemon with white chocolate topping) or Le Framboisissimo (Dark chocolate and raspberry chocolate). These flavors are also available in our Le Coffret Fête des mères, along with Le Bec Sucré (Maple) and Le Signature (Candied fruit).

Make this Mother’s Day special and unforgettable!

Spécial pour la fête des mères ✨

C’est le MOMENT d’offrir à votre maman une expérience unique avec nos délicieux panettones.

Faites lui découvrir des saveurs exquises avec Le Citron c’est bon (Citron avec couverture chocolat blanc) ou Le Framboisissimo (Chocolat noir et chocolat framboise).
Ces saveurs sont également disponibles dans notre Coffret fête des mères, accompagnée des panettones Le Bec Sucré (Erable) et Le Signature (Fruits confits).

Faites de cette fête des mères un moment spécial et inoubliable!