Tasting Advice

31 May 2024

Tasting Advice

A part of panettone is best eaten warm.

To appreciate the flavors fully, it’s recommended to deguste our panettone at ambient temperature or slightly warm up. This allows the crumb to become more soft and tasty, putting careful flavors in value. Also, you can toast it or turn it into French toast, as you prefer.

Warm it up.

You can place panettone into the corner from the kitchen for about 1 hour or follow the italian tradition by placing it wrapped on the radiator during mealtime.

Cut it.

You can cut it into thin or thick vertical slices, make sure there’s enough for all guests. 😉
Once cut, take time to appreciate its fragrances, which releases each flavor one by one, announcing a tasting experience full of meaning.
Tasting the soft and airy texture panettone and leaving each bite melted away slowly on your palate for a memorable taste experience.

Serve it all day long.

Panettone can be enjoyed at any time of day, as a dessert, at lunch, as a snack or with a hot drink. 
For a unique experience, try it with your favorite hot drink or an Italian digestif such as limoncello or amaretto.

Keep it.

Place it in its original packaging, tightly closed to prevent it from drying out. Never put it in the fridge, as this can alter its texture and taste. 
If you want to keep it longer, you can freeze it. Wrap it tightly in its airtight packaging before putting it in the freezer, and let it defrost at room temperature for a few hours before eating.