Do you know Viva panettone?

30 September 2021

Do you know Viva panettone?

Viva panettone is a new Quebec-based company that specializes in handcrafted, high-end, artisanal panettones made in Montreal and available year-round.

What about the ingredients?

The ingredients are carefully selected for their flavors and origins, in order to guarantee the best possible recipe.

The traceability of our ingredients and the value of working with our partners are our way of contributing to the sustainable development of our company.

What makes Viva panettone different?

Viva panettone’s production method is distinguished by the use of a century-old mother yeast (Levito madre) from the family of Rolando Morandin, a great Italian panettone master, as well as by the fact that all the fruits used in the recipes are candied directly in our facilities in Montréal.

Our delicious recipe and the know-how of our craftsmen allow us to be among the 24 finalists of the Panettone World Cup 2021 – Americas Selection! This event will be held in early November in Lugano.

Our pre-sales are open, don’t wait any longer to reserve yours: our deliveries are available everywhere in Canada!

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